Project Examples

Here are two example projects of what we will be creating in CoSpaces this week. The project will have a lobby space that connects several mini challenge projects and our main project, a VR adventure. Below them are additional examples for the modeling, scene, and coding challenges.


CoSpace Project Examples



Modeling Challenge Example


Click to see Hansel and Gretel example.

For this challenge, the focus is on creating a 3D model representation of a 2D image. In this example, the creator (Micah P. – Carroll Community College) has taken to picture of SpongeBobs neighborhood and modeled it using the built-in building block assets in CoSpaces. Click the image to check out the finished model!


Scene Challenge Examples


For this challenge, create a scene in CoSpaces that can tell part of a story. This can be a scene from a book, fairy tale, movie or TV show. The scene can recreate a moment in history. Or creative something of your own like a comic panel or 3D meme.

Hansel & Gretel
Click to see Hansel and Gretel example.
The Lion and the Mouse Fable
Click to see Winter at Valley Forge example.


Coding Challenge Examples


For this challenge, use Blockly coding to create some moving objects to create an active space. The spaces created in this challenge will not be as detailed as the examples below but will use the same coding techniques used in them.

Parkour Game
Click to see Penguins example.
VR Adventure Game
Click to see Ice Skaters example.