Chrome Experiments

Chrome Experiments ( is a showcase of web experiments written by the creative coding community. Below are experiments that have been selected by us for you to explore the potential future of VR experiences. These experiments have led to the creation of HTML5, WebGL (3d graphics in a web browser), and now WebVR (virtual reality through a web browser).

We have created a selection of experiments for you to explore. Not all the experiments below are specifically VR experiences, but the technologies used to create them can or may be used to create VR in the future. Explore the experiences to get an idea of what VR could be capable of in time.

Click on the thumbnail to open the experiments page. On the experiments page, you will find a description, as well as the technologies used to create it. Click the blue “Launch Experiment” button to view the experiment.

Savio : Nigredo

360° audio-visual beat-synced environment.


Sound waves and melodies are transformed into the contours and flickering motions of particles.


MAEVR is a multi-sensory VR experience created by Object Normal for MAE and Vertigo.

Petri Dish

Generative simulation making use of flocking algorithms to create colorful life-like systems of agents.

WebGL Kaleidoscope

A Kaleidoscope made with three.js.

Black Rain

New collaboration exploring art, music, and computer generated shader effects.


A fun, simple game made with p5.js.


An addictive and challenging puzzle game in three dimensions.


A psychedelic 3D shoot ’em up game where you must destroy the targets before time runs out.

Paper Planes

Create and fold your own paper plane, then “throw” it into the world. Mobile Only.

Mass Migrations

An addictive and challenging puzzle game in three dimensions.


Program that learns to play Flappy Bird by machine learning.

Meteor Showers

Discover what meteor showers look like from space and explore meteor clouds in our solar system.

The Searching Planet

The Searching Planet is a project that lets you see the world through the lens of Google Search Trends.

Radio Garden

Explore live radio by rotating the globe.

Land Lines

Land Lines lets you explore Google Earth satellite images through gesture.


I like making things, sometimes I like destroying things.