360° Background Videos

We have collected several examples of 360° videos. View the example videos to help get an idea of what type of video to create for your 360° video project.

Below the example projects is a selection of background videos. Preview a video by clicking the play button, then make the video full screen. Left-click and drag with your mouse to look around in the video.

After selecting a background video to use for your project. Click the button below the video to go to that video’s download page. Then click the blue button in the upper right of the download page to download the video.

FIND Pokemon
Pokemon GO! 360° Adventure
Where’s Waldo 360
Explore the Solar System

360° Background Videos

Dancing People
Swimming With Sharks
Pacific Ocean Sunset
Swimming With Sharks
Spacewalk Mayday
Skeleton Racing
Freeboarding in San Francisco
Skeleton Racing
Overwatch – Dorado Map
Overwatch – Eichenwalde Map
Overwatch – Hanamura Map
Overwatch – Hollywood Map
Overwatch – Hollywood (Halloween) Map
Overwatch – Hollywood Map
Overwatch – Junkenstein’s Revenge Map
Overwatch – King’s Row Map
Overwatch – Lijiang Tower Map
Overwatch – Nepal Map
Overwatch – Numbani Map
Overwatch – Route 66 Map
Overwatch – Temple of Anubis Map
Overwatch – Volskaya Industries Map
Overwatch – Watchpoint Gibraltar Map