Victor C

Texas A&M International University
Make Your First 3D Video Game!
Team Leader
Alexa V
Favorite Game
Super smash bros Wii U.
Favorite System


Its a 3D game of an adventure to complete the level. There are many stuff to create a 3D game. You can make a level by using a "Start" flag. Before you finished the level you should put a "Finish" flag or you'll get stuck in the level forever. You can put a "Checkpoint" flag to stay in the level if you're starting all over again. The character will look every different costume when you start the level. You can use an information sticker to give you information how to pass the level. For example: Get the key. It means you have to find a key to unlock a door or treasure. You could change time if you need more time. You could even add live if you need more lives to survive. When you finished your level you can save file to keep your file.