Seth D

Gulf Coast State College
Lego Comics: Design Your Own Adventure!
Team Leader
Favorite Game
Kingdom Hearts and Lego Batman
Favorite System
X Box one

Lego Comic Life

We had to work in teams and build our world of Lego Community members designs homes super heroes and vilans. The members trained and practiced battling each other. I was Batman who we know as a Super Hero battling the Evil Villain The Joker. There were other Super Heroes and Villains battling as well,in the end the Super Heroes -Aka Good Guys won the victory over the Evil Villains!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed programming Lego people and was able to express my creative mind ,learn and have fun!!!!!! I was able to have fun building Lego comics with others and my friend James. We were also able to build Robots on the computer that was exciting mine was blue with a diamond chest I named him Thomas after Thomas the Train also one of my favorites!!!!