Dan N

Northampton Community College
Make Your First 3D Video Game!
Team Leader
Favorite Game
The Fancy Pants Adventures
Favorite System
Wii U by Nintendo

DanN - Super Arena Battle

In this game, you are placed in an area where there is lots of ammo. The first arena, where it has a graveyard theme. Numerous flying skulls and evil grave keepers try to attack you. If you get past that, you go into another arena battle, which now has a beach theme. Numerous giant crabs try to attack you. After you get past this, you go to a restock area, which has a candy theme. It also has a key, which you need to open the gate in the final battle. In the final battle, you have to get pass assassins, aerial units, gunners, robots, space crabs, and a giant space crab. Once you get past the enemies and open the gate, there is a teleporter, where you teleport to the finish flag.