Anish D

Heartland Community College
Code Breakers
Team Leader
Favorite Game
Mario Kart 3
Favorite System
Nintendo 2 DS

Fun Game of 'Pong'

I made a website that will take the users to one of my favorite classical games called Pong. I also made a quiz! The coding language that I used was called Html and it is primarily used to make websites. I also made my own version of pong using the blockly code that I was able to use on scratch. The game was a remix so I didn't fully make it but I made it better so the game would be fun. The quiz that I made (also using Html) consisted questions that are challenging but the last one is very funny. Using Html and blockly were not that hard but sometimes I needed help. Code breakers was a very fun camp (In fact my favorite at Heartland Community Collage) where I learned a lot. I hope to do it next year too."