Nelson Izquierdo

Real-Time Entertainment (Games & Experiences)
Senior Producer
Favorite Game
Dota 2
Paper Life: The Quest for Color Play it here

Went Well: Great title music. Art style is nice and simple, compliments the overall theme. What could use improvement: Translation from upright to laying is tough to gauge. The translation between states should either be focused on the eraser or center of object. Power ups like double jump or higher jump should have a differentiating element to easily tell that it is a pick up and part of the level. Text should be coupled in the element's frame so it doesn't go into the place space.

White Blood Cells Play it here

Went Well: Excellent instructions screen. Difficult game, good! Projectile avoidance was challenging. I was able to play the game until the end (5/5 enemies, 50 points) What could use improvement: Background music track would be great. Although I was asked to remove the white blood cells, I mostly saw animated gifs of people but quickly learned that the were wearing white t-shirts, it lead me to assume that I needed to remove these people.

Quest of Heroes Play it here

Went Well: Liked the movement and projectile shooting. What could use improvement: Space for instructions does not work - sends me to a website. Unfortunately, I could not enter the door even when using all of the usual gameplay buttons for interaction (E, U, I, Enter, UpArrow) Could use a subtle background track.