Marisa Buchholz

3d Artist for videogames
Favorite Game
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Paw Wars Play it here

I picked Paw Wars because of the level design and gameplay. I felt the levels were fair to the player and because of that, I didn't want to stop playing. Making a hard game doesn't mean it’s a fun game but this game was a good balance of both. Adding the spinning bone weapon was very clever and a nice touch. What could be better: Near the end, I beat a huge mob of cats which caused a door to spawn that I couldn't get through. I feel like I beat the game, but didn't get a confirmation on that since I couldn't move forward at that point.

Paper Life Play it here

This is a creative and fun game. I personally love the handcrafted look of the art and how it works with the theme of the game. What could be better: I was playing this game on my tablet. I feel if the move and jump buttons were split to separate sides of the screen it could have felt more natural to play on a tablet.