Craig Kelly

Scientific Games
Sr. Animator and Media Tech
Favorite Game
Single player story driven action RPGs or FPS (The Witcher Wild Hunt)
Organelles Play it here

Organelles, This game seemed very straight forward. The Albert Einstein answer holders were fun. It was very easy to move about and fire projectiles. The level had good variation of high and low areas. I loved the information I gained while playing and having to repeat if I selected the wrong answer. With finished graphics this seems like a very fun starter for ages 8-12.

Paw Wars Play it here

Paw Wars was very fun. I loved the scrolling jungle back ground. The game was very intuitive with the multicolored blocks. I was very pleased with the blocks having different properties based on their color. It was easy to pick up which colors had which properties, and I could build strategies based on this to complete the level. The spinning dog bone projectile was cute, and I liked that every enemy had a health bar as well as the player. The levels were well conceived and challenging. With finished graphics, this will make a fine mobile game.