Drone Flight Log

A flight log or pilot logbook are used by pilots to track every flight they make. A professional flight log will contain information about what is being flown, how long the flight lasted, how many landings the flight had, and what instruments were used to make the approaches.

For our flight logs, we will be documenting the flight’s duration, flight’s successfulness (if the flight’s goal was achieved), and add notes describing the flight (what method was used, manual vs auto, any other important flight notes). We will also log if the flight experienced a crash or accident and document any damage that may have occurred.

Starting A Flight Log

Before you can begin logging your flights, you will need to create your Team’s Flight Log. Click the button to the right to create your team.

Viewing Your Flight Log

To view and update your flight log in the future, enter in your class’s secret code below and click Search. Click the arrow to the left of your team name to view the flight log. To add a new entry, click the Add Flight link in the flight log area.