The Basics of Drones

Welcome to Drone Adventures! In this course, we will learn the basics of how drones work, code our own controller, and program the drone to fly a route on its own. Your team will be participating in daily challenges to test your skills.

The video below showcases an example of how drones can be used. This drone is designed for filming extreme sports and has been programmed in several different ways to adapt to the different sports. After watching the video, discuss as a class how the drone was programmed in different ways to fly autonomously (without pilot input).


Below is a series of infographics on the basics of drones. They are broken up into 2 columns. The first column includes infographics on the history, the different types, and the how-to basics of drones. The second column has examples of how drones are being used.

Click a thumbnail below to open the infographic in a new window. In the new window, click on the image to make the infographic full screen. Then use your mouse to scroll through the infographic.

Drone Basics

A Short History of Drones
Not All Drones Are Equal
The Best Drones
8-Step Checklist
How to Fly a Drone

Drone Usage

40 Uses for Drones
Drones for Good
Robots in the Sky
Filming Commercial Video with a Drone?
Drone Racing League