Course Videos

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what students will be learning in the classroom!

Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite® Style Video Game

Design a thrilling multiplayer experience!

ROBLOX® Makers

Create your own ROBLOX® Worlds!

Esports Apprentice: YouTube© Streamers and Gamers

Enter the world of Esports and Streaming!


Create a multiplayer IO app!

Make Your First 3D Video Game

Learn how to create a 3D game!

3D Game Labs with Unity

Make your own 3D game in Unity!

Code Your Own Adventure

Use web technologies to code an adventure game!

Python Programmers

Make your own game in Python!

Drone Adventures

Learn how to program and fly drones!

Code Explores

Begin your exploration of the world of coding!

Virtual Reality: The Future is Now

Learn the foundations of VR design by creating your own virtual worlds!

Minecraft® Modders

Modify and create your own Minecraft® characters, tools, mobs, and more!

Advanced Robotics

Dive into the world of robotics and programming!

Minecraft® Animators

Use your favorite Minecraft® mobs to create your own animated shorts!

Code Breakers

Learn how to use code to make your ideas become reality!

Maker Lab: Make Your First 3D Creation

Learn how to design 3D objects and models from scratch!

Make Your First Video Game!

Create your first platformer video game using characters you choose!

Minecraft® Designers

Fill a Minecraft® world with your own custom designs and creations!

Video Game Animation

Dive into making sprites move around and animate in a video game!

LEGO® Video Games

Create an awesome video game adventure with your own LEGO® characters!

App Attack!

Dive into making your own apps, just like the ones you’d see on the App store!