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Benefits of Joining an Esports League for Kids

February 2023
Student playing in an esports league with recording equipment for Youtube

Hey parents!

Are you looking for ways to help your child explore and develop their passion for gaming? Have you ever considered having them join an esports league at a young age? Esports leagues can provide many benefits that may not be obvious. Not only can they help improve hand-eye coordination, but they also offer the opportunity to learn teamwork, communication skills, and strategies. Plus, it’s a great way for kids to make friends with similar interests!

If your child is especially interested in esports or video games in general, signing them up for a summer camp dedicated to it could be even more beneficial. Specialty summer camps, like those offered by Black Rocket, are designed specifically with gamers in mind – helping children build on their existing knowledge while learning new skills as well. They will get the chance to participate in tournaments against other players from around the world and have access to resources such as instructors who specialize in teaching game strategy and technique development – something that cannot always be achieved when playing alone or online with others without any guidance or support system present.

By attending these types of camps during summer break months (or through after-school programs), children also gain valuable experience working together collaboratively towards common goals. These goals build upon important life lessons such as problem-solving abilities along with developing social skills through interacting with a group of peers all sharing similar interests & passions – something very hard, if not impossible, to do so otherwise outside this type of environment/activity setting.

We hope this article has helped shed some light on why enrolling your child into an esports league at an early age could prove beneficial both now & down the road – whether it’s making new friends, gaining invaluable experiences working together collectively towards common goals, building upon life lesson fundamentals like problem-solving techniques, etc. On top of all those positives mentioned above, don’t forget about joining one and lastly being just plain fun! 🙂

Black Rocket offers a handful of courses that specialize in teaching the basics of Esports play and commentary, recording content for Youtube, and applying special effects for Youtube content. We also have a summer esports league using our own bespoke, age-appropriate games, where students compete against other students and have the opportunity to be highlighted on our own live streams.